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February 8, 2021
Can this Business 430 assignment be done?
February 8, 2021

UBIT Project

UBIT Project

Each student is expected to prepare a slide show proposal on the means to generate additional income for a nonprofit while keeping in mind legal and ethical implications including UBIT. The proposal must contain an analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal along with any legal and/or ethical implications that a board would need to consider prior to approving the proposal. Each proposal will be evaluated based on the income generated and the detailed analysis of the legal and/or ethical implications, if any. This means that the proposal will need to show if there is any profit generated and if there are any costs associated with the proposal. Please review the evaluation questions listed below to determine how other students will evaluate your proposal.

Each student will submit a slide show evaluating legal and/or ethical implications. The slide show will be no more than 10 slides.

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