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January 5, 2021
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UK exiting from the European Union has diversified Britain into two different voices from their own perspectives

This is a homework for Environment class, need to answer question and write 600 words about what your thought after read the article, and in the end of the paragraph, write a your own question that you want to ask about this article( include your reference). This is the question you need to solve and write about “ Following World War II, Germany and France initiated discussions to align themselves in a way which would promote rebuilding, future growth and stability. The European Economic Community was formed in 1957 with the six original members: Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy joining forces to create the EEC. Great Britain joined in 1973, and remained committed as the EEC transformed into the customs union we now know as the European Union (EU) until the June 23, 2016 vote on the referendum to have Great Britain exit the EU prevailed.

As you read through the information about the effect of BREXIT on the BBC’s website, consider the reasons for the founding nations to have formed the original agreement. Do you think Great Britain made the right decision to leave?”

And then, if that is ok for you, I really need you to read two reviews below here, and you just need to write what you think, 350 words for each of review.

1. The issue of UK exiting from the European Union has diversified Britain into two different voices from their own perspectives. Even though some experts have advocated the consequences of BREXIT, UK citizens still believe that it is worth the risk to withdraw from the EU. After reading the article and doing some deeper research about the issue, I honestly do not have a strong belief on either exiting or remaining in the EU. I do think either way has its own benefits and its own disadvantages. I understand as a UK citizen, the reason that they support BREXIT is because they want to try to protect jobs from other EU members and decrease social instability, such as to terrorist attacks, or crimes due to the free labor movement. However, referring to the article that I have found from the New York Times. it stated that after the referendum, the British economy has appeared to forecast the negatives impacts from BREXIT, such as “Around 10,000 finance jobs will either be moved away from Britain, or created overseas”or “major financial companies in Britain say they will move staff members or operations overseas”. On the business side, the profits will most likely decease and also simultaneously result in job cuts in terms of exiting the common market.

I have heard the reasons from people who support BREXIT, they think rather than using the money towards helping their public health and societal welfare than throwing an abundance of money into the EU but with no signifiant economic performance. Furthermore, the immigration policy is another big concern that they want to exit out. Nevertheless, I think BREXIT can only resolve these issues only for the short term run, and in the future, there are still a lot of challenges that they are facing, especially involving in international trading and trade agreements with other nations, such as renegotiating with a fair free trade agreement. On the other hand, when there is a limitation on the free labor movement, the labor costs of the security industry and also in the manufacturing industry in Britain will increase significantly. Also, I believe the tourist industry will be effected as well, such as a higher flight fees and the monetary exchange. Furthermore, the cost of the construction industry and also the petrochemical industry will grow ascribable to the increase of the tariffs. From my personal perspective, I tend to support British to remain in the EU more than exiting because of the convenience of traveling process and foreign investment process from a foreigner’s view. For the long term run, British should consider the relationship with other nations, instead of focusing on their domestic development. Being isolated from other nations in the global trading environment will affect their trade openness. Ultimately, it will lead to their economic failure and the biggest victim could be their citizens in the end.

what is your thought:

2. I think the United Kingdom is in conflict as to whether the decision to leave the European Union will turn out good or bad for them. This is evident by how close the vote was (with 52% voting to leave, and 48% voting to stay in). Now, it will be up to Prime Minister May to convince them that the decision will be good for the UK in the long-term. She will need to set them as ease about this decision, including the UK citizens who have left to work in the EU, and the EU citizens who have entered UK to work. I think most people in the current EU, whether they are UK citizens or not, will want to know how it will effect them personally such as their citizenship status, job status, and social/economic welfare.

I think the positive points she will likely focus on will be: 1) job and industry opportunities for UK (and maybe EU?) citizens within the UK. 2) economic growth for UK with freedom to leave the EU single market and enter the free trade market. 3) increased domestic production within the UK of the goods and services they have a comparative advantage on. 4) national security for UK citizens through immigration and work visa management 5) self regulation and independent control of their fiscal policies, social and economic affairs without the EU supranational being involved.

However, there are many negative impacts that Prime Minister May will need to acknowledge and develop a plan to address, such as 1) the lower spending power for UK, with the declining value of the pound 2) rising inflation with increasing costs. Both of these directly impact the overall welfare of the UK society. Although the UK decision to exit is based on protectionism of their own interest, power, and economic well-being, it will negatively hurt many people. The members and citizens of the remaining EU nations will also be impacted through loss of jobs.

The EU was established to unify and strengthen the European nations after WWII. I’m concerned that the departure of the UK might lead to the eventual departure of other countries from the EU. I wonder if Prime Minister May has taken this into consideration. Some might follow the UK, and decide to exit as well. If so, how will these departures impact the economic strength and social welfare of the EU? Will it eventually dissolve?

what is your thoght:

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