With regard to treatment resources for Wayne County residents
February 5, 2021
Apply Critical Thinking
February 6, 2021

Unit 2 – Individual Project – Project Schedule Management

MS Project plan w/ at least 10 tasks & subtasks w/ durations in days or weeks & major project milest


Use your Unit 2 Discussion Board responses to help you determine the tasks and subtasks. Once you have identified tasks as needed for your chosen (construction or IT) project, complete the following:

  • Add any additional tasks and subtasks that will help you to create work packages to your Project 2010 document you used in Unit 1. Be sure to change the file name to “Week 2.”
  • Place the tasks in the order in which they will be performed in the project.
  • Approximate the durations for the tasks, and add start and end dates for the tasks.
  • Add project key milestones to your Project file.
  • Add “Predecessor” or “Successor” to the project tasks that you add to you Project file.
  • Generate a Gantt chart, network diagram, and milestone chart for your project.
  • Submit your file as a Project document, as a PDF. If you submit your file as a PDF, be sure to create the Gantt chart, network diagram, and milestone chart as separate PDF files.

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