Critical and Creative Thinking Paper
January 11, 2021
Communication and Gendered Communication
January 11, 2021

Unit 3 Assignment for Building Customer Sales

Assignment: Consumer Information Processing

You read about and had some practice with the eight stages of consumer information processing that occurs in transactions with the customer.

Now you have an opportunity to practice what you learned about these stages as applied to the following scenario:

Checklist: After reading the scenario, address the items below.

Using the communication process on page 150 of the text:

  • Describe the various parts of the process evidenced in the scenario including the source, communication objective, message, message channel, receiver, communication outcome, feedback, and any noise that occurs in the message.
  • In

    format, recreate this scenario using the communication process so that it has a successful outcome for the customer and company.

Access the grading rubric.

Respond in a 2–

3 page
paper with an additional title and reference page in APA format and citation style. Submit the Assignment to the Dropbox before the end of the unit.

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