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January 11, 2021
The American War against al Qaeda
January 11, 2021

Unit 4 powerpoint

Unit IV PowerPoint Presentation An important part of managing correctional facilities includes identifying and organizing responses to challenges. One such challenge is gangs/security threat groups. For this assignment, you will explore major prison gangs to determine how they affect correctional facilities. The presentation should contain at least six slides, not including the title and reference slides, and the presentation should include the elements below: 1. name of the selected gang, 2. origin of the selected gang, 3. location(s) of the selected gang, 4. criminal activities of the selected gang, 5. signature tattoos of the selected gang, and 6. the importance of identifying and organizing responses to gangs/security threat groups (STG). Please utilize at least one of the following resources below:  Aryan Brotherhood:  Los Angeles-based Gangs—Bloods and Crips:  Black Guerilla Family (BGF):  FBI National Gang Threat Assessment:  Black Gang Tattoos:  La Nuestra Familia:  Street Gangs—Chicago Based or Influenced:  Mexican Mafia (scroll to Mexican Mafia):  Nazi Low Riders:  Recognize the Signs:  Texas Syndicate (scroll to Texas Syndicate): All resources used should be cited in APA format on your reference slide. BCJ 2002, Theory and Practice of Corrections 3 For additional help in creating a PowerPoint presentation, please review the resource below, which was created by the CSU Success Center to help guide you. Columbia Southern Success Center [SuccessCenter]. (2014, June 13). Presentable PowerPoints [Video file]. Retrieved from Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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