CAREER CONNECTION: Values and Strategy Paper
January 13, 2021
Validity and Reliability in Qualitative Research distruction question
January 13, 2021

Unit 6 Discussion for Food Management

Unit 6 Discussion Topic 1


Banquets differ from ordering from the menu and are popular in restaurants as well as in hotels and special event facilities.


  • Discuss the advantages of offering banquet service in a restaurant.
  • What are the primary differences between banquet and catered food events?
  • Identify and list the cost for labor associated with a small event.
  • Describe the steps a manager should take for ensuring a successful banquet event.

Unit 6 Discussion Topic 2

A Catered Event

Catering is usually an off-site event that can generate significant revenue for operations that handle it properly. It requires attention to detail and considerable planning.

  • Discuss the two primary catering markets and how they differ.
  • Determine the steps to take before the event activities begin.
  • Discuss the activities cooks and servers need to do differently when preparing for delivering, and cleaning up after a catered event.

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