Ratio Analysis
February 26, 2021
common stock that becomes public benefits
February 26, 2021


Look around your house, apartment, or dorm and see if you can find an instruction manual or user guide from a product you’ve purchased at some point. Any kind of small home appliance (coffee maker, toaster, curling iron, etc.) or electronic device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) would work for this assignment. If you can’t find a manual that you’ve saved, think of a product you own and see if you can find the user manual or guide online.

Look through your manual/guide and find the information relating to product warranties, and answer the following questions:

  • What is the product you decided to use?
  • Where is the warranty information for the product located? For example, did you locate an instruction booklet or user guide for the product? Is the warranty information easy to find? Is it listed before or after other information about the product?
  • Does the product come with any express warranties? If so, what are they?
  • Are there any warranty disclaimers? If a warranty is disclaimed, describe how the disclaimer is printed. Often, you’ll find disclaimers printed in large, bold font.
  • Is there any other interesting or relevant information about the warranties that you’d like to share?

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