Effective Performance
February 26, 2021
demand and supply, determinants of price elasticity of demand.
February 26, 2021

Week 6 Task 8

Reply to the following post in 75 words or more.

dashboard examples posted by

One of the things I found most useful is how HR dashboards are useful for analyze performance and identifying area for improvement in an organization. As the article stated, “Decision makers ensure that company strategy is aligned from executive, to managerial, to individual goals.

I especially like the how the article explained how a good HR dashboard will provide a concise and initiative display of clear key performance indicators. The tips given to consider when customizing or creating an HR dashboard were;

  1. Narrow down what you measure: Just because you can monitor dozens of KPIs does not mean you should.
  2. Only measure meaningful data: Data is most valuable when it is actionable. The goal is to monitor metrics which can be linked to a future course of action.
  3. Dive deeper: Businesses must strike a delicate balance between measuring everything and measuring nothing.

My company uses most of these dashboard examples when hiring applicants

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