Marketing Plan: Supply Chain
February 25, 2021
Systems Approach to Org Change
February 25, 2021

Week 6 Task 9

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Measurable Outcomes posted by
Amber Free

For every business is it significant to have performance measures to ensure the quality assurance is applicable towards the success of the organization overall. Chapter 13 from Strategic Staffing provides such, the text example is performance measures known as KPI’s. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable factors essential to the success of the organizational goals from staffing evaluations aligned with the company’s business and HR staffing strategies. “KPIs are the outcomes against which the effectiveness of the staffing system is evaluated” (Phillips & Gully, 2015, p. 362). I currently work in quality assurance and we check organizational measurable metrics monthly and report on a quarterly basis. I do not have much to do with the HR department, but is a goal of mine. I do know I could apply what I have learned from this course and my current role to implement the importance of hiring smart and measuring the success of staffing towards the overall improvement of the business.

Does anyone else have experience with measuring performance and the importance of the data for organizational effectiveness?


Phillips, J. M., & Gully, S. M. (2015). Strategic Staffing (3rd ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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