​Summarize the attached case
December 30, 2020
Formulate a Summary Response and Realistic Expectations
December 30, 2020

Week 7: P-Plan Final Document

I have attached the P-plan summary and this paper needs to be related to that, Please cite all your sources in APA format, thank you

  1. Financial

    Describe the tax-status of the P-Plan (will it be part of a governmental agency or a 501(c)(3)?)

    Complete a one year budget

    List at least five financial policies that are relevant to your P-Plan

    Identify 5 specific funding sources that you could approach

Clearly indicate the tax status by referring to the type

of your organization, i.e., nonprofit, governmental, or public

information. Discuss why the tax status is nontaxable. Also, if it’s a

nonprofit entity, discuss the major items that have to be included in

the 501 (c) (3) to get tax exempt organization status from the IRS.

Prepare a one-year budget and explain the type of budget you selected,

e.g., program budget, line-item budget, etc., and your reason(s) for

making that selection. Provide justification for the amounts requested

in the budget by providing planned activities and related workload that

are necessary to success with the mission, goals, and objectives.

Provide five specific financial policies that you consider most

important to the organization. Discuss reasons for your selection. Also,

present and discuss five of the most important funding sources that you

plan to seek, and why they are the most important sources.

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