Select and answer four of listed questions.Each essay response must be at least two full typed pages.
January 11, 2021
Marketing Research Approach
January 11, 2021

week 7 review

please edit week threes homework for me and format the way you did week 1 assignment please. fin arc guru only please or I will have to request a refund. I am not sure if the answers are correct so can you check each and reformat as if you were initially assigned the question?

This is the format he’s looking for

  1. Use ONE Excel file
  2. Your first worksheet within that file should be your name and the assignment title
  3. Put ONE problem on each separate worksheet within that file
  4. Label each worksheet with the chapter and problem number (i.e., Ch3-pr8)
  5. Include ALL formulas in the function ribbon for each cell so I can check your work
  6. HIGHLIGHT your final answers (I don’t care what color, as long as I can read the answer)

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