research paper
November 22, 2020
In response to an increase in the number of immigrants filling jobs in northern factories in the early nineteenth century
November 22, 2020

What impact did the Indian Removal Act have?

Continuity of Expansionism, the Trail of Tears, and the increase of tensions between the US and many Native American tribes

First off, Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act forced Native Americans down what is now known as the Trail of Tears. This is the name because so many Native Americans died on the trail. The act also kept giving fuel to the continuity of expansionism in American history.

Americans wanted to spread and claim territory in the west because of the idea of Manifest Destiny. This is the idea that god gave Americans the right to claim land because of religion, material wealth, and because Americans believed they were more civilized.

This also affected decisions to get into the Mexican-American war and the annexation of Texas, and also helping Cuba but also creating the Teller Amendment which allowed American vessels to dock and use their resources.

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