Describe main sociological theories that can describe an individual or a store’s ability to access technological resources. Identify some key examples of societal change due to technology. What does this imply for your store? What is the digital divide and how can this impact the use of technology in your store?
September 6, 2018
How have online environments and technological growth impacted how society communicates on both personal and professional levels? Be sure to provide specific examples of both. How do changes in methods of communication create communication gaps in our society?
September 6, 2018

What is defined as deviant in the physical world? What is defined as deviant in the digital or online world? Compare and contrast deviance between the two environments.

You are working for a local department store in the Operations Department. Since you began working with this organization, you have noticed that your team members are more comfortable with technology. However, the available technology in the store has not been updated. It is also apparent to you that as technology has improved in our society, so has the types of deviant behaviors that occur, and you’re aware that deviant behaviors in both the physical world and in digital environments can impact business practices.

With the observations that you have made, you approach your boss who has also noticed an increase in deviant behaviors within society and has an overall concern about how the store can be impacted.

Because of his increasing concern about the impact of deviant behaviors on the store, and his knowledge of your familiarity with the subject, you are asked by your supervisor to create a video collage that will demonstrate your interpretation of deviance in the digital world and the impact it can have on the store you are working in. Your supervisor informs you that this video collage will be presented to your supervisor and colleagues in order to help you and the business determine the types of deviance that need to be addressed, and how to effectively manage it through daily operations. Your supervisor encourages you to use a variety of visual representations in order to captivate your audience and get your message across.

For this video collage, you are to reflect and address the following questions and information.

  1. What is defined as deviant in the physical world?
  2. What is defined as deviant in the digital or online world?
  3. Compare and contrast deviance between the two environments.
  4. Consider various forms of deviance in both the physical and virtual worlds, and explain how they impact society.
  5. How would Conflict Theory define deviance?
  6. How would Symbolic Interaction Theory define deviance?
  7. How do the theories discussed impact the meaning or interpretation of deviance in a digital or online environment?
  8. How do you envision that deviance in the virtual world, or deviance due to technological advances, can impact your store?
  9. What are some ways to manage various forms of deviance in the day-to-day operations of your store?

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