Final Paper on Market Structures
January 10, 2021
Marketing plan
January 10, 2021

What is psychological egoism?

This assignments consist of writing 3 to 4 paragraphs 400 words each paragraph in question 1.

  1. Go to a newspaper or reputable online news source. (consider National Geographic, CNN, BBC, Fox News, NY Times, etc.) Be sure to avoid the opinion sections of these sources and focus on the news. Find two stories: The first showing a legitimate instance of cultural relativism, the second showing a controversial instance of cultural relativism. Write one paragraph citing reasons and criteria on why the first is a legitimate example of cultural relativism. Write a second paragraph on why the second is a controversial instance of cultural relativism citing reasons and criteria to support your observations. Write a third paragraph discussing your personal feelings/beliefs in terms of the situation and those involved in the second story. (Each paragraph should be approximately 400 words.) Ensure proper APA citations of the sources.
  2. Find a current news event. The article should be an example of apparent altruism. Please write on all of the following:

    a. Why/how this article is an example of psychological egoism.

    b. Why/how this article is an example of ethical egoism.

    c. Why/how this article is an example of altruism.

    d. Discuss which of the three examples/events above you most closely align with and why.

  3. From Book I, Sections 5 through 10 of Nicomachean Ethics, which “type” are you? Explain how this impacts your ethics. (Be sure to research the historical figures referenced by Aristotle).

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