1) Analyze how this milestone has influenced the health care delivery system and nursing practice. 2) Provide an example from your own work history and experience as to how the patient safety movement has affected your practice. 
September 6, 2018
Write a short paper reviewing the brochure. Use the Grading Criteria (below) to structure your critique, and include current nursing or healthcare research to support your critique.  a. The length of the paper is to be no greater than three pages, double spaced, excluding title page and reference page. Extra pages will not be read and will not count toward your grade
September 6, 2018

What is that project? Provide a complete description. Consider using PPM

Based on week 13 reading assignment, describe an IT or similar business project you have done or are currently doing. In your discussion, provide information on the following:

What is that project? Provide a complete description. Consider using PPM.

A project portfolio management abbreviated as PPM is a tool that a project manager uses to plan and organize resources of multiple projects at once. Any project will have a project manager and the team. The project manager is the person who organizes and oversees the activities of the project such as funding, initiating the project and terminating it at their own discretion. The project manager assigns tasks and keeps tracks of the project time frames. Generally, the project manager is entitled to supervise the team for success (Smith and Dodds, 2017). The advantage of using a project management portfolio is that it enables the project manager to plan and report accurately about the project. This discussion focuses on the design and application of web portal e-learning project.

What were the scope, deliverables, and results of the project?

The scope for a project comprises of a number of activities such a listing the objectives of the project, coming up with deliverables, features and also indicating the time frames in which the project should be terminated (Kerzner, and Kerzner, 2017). Deliverables mean what one should expect as the output when the project is implemented, so deliverables are different from project results in the sense that the results are real while deliverables are just expected outputs. The major objective of this project was to provide a platform where one can learn web designing online with ease. This project carried a long-term goal. One expected that many people would be able to access the portal and learn web designing as intended. However, only a few people showed appreciation for the web portal e-learning service.

What constraints did you experience and how did you handle them?

Constraints refer to what limits the project or what hinders it from achieving the set goals. I faced two main challenges: time to design the portal and money to have the portal hosted online. To overcome these challenges, I had to look for external donors to fund the project and make personal sacrifices for the same. Since time was limited to complete designing the portal, I had to hire some skilled personnel to work together with my team.

If you had to do the same project again, what changes will you recommend?

If I get another chance to work on the same project again, I would recommend a change in the technical team as they are slow. As a result, the project time framework is reached without completing the project on time (Fuller et al, 2017). Therefore a shoddy job from the technical team is done to cover up for the lost time.

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