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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

What is the Performance Management Process

Using the idea of Jerry’s Caribbean Hut (a Caribbean food truck in the Charlotte, NC area), describe how you will evaluate the success of the new product or service and its branding using the Performance Measurement Process. Doesn’t need to be longer than four paragraphs, please list any references,

What is the Performance Management Process?

Performance management is a management style that has grown increasingly popular. It involves a process in which a company, organization, or institution creates a work environment that empowers employees to work to the best of their abilities. The process that an employer uses to accomplish this often varies from one business to the next. Despite these variations, the performance management process generally involves some form of goal setting, evaluation and reward. In addition, coaching is often offered throughout the process.


The planning stage of the performance management process is meant to set achievement goals for the employee and discuss the expected level of performance for the job. The expectations for any given employee will typically depend on the work they are doing or the department they are in. At the end of the planning stage both the employee and management must be in agreement in terms of what is expected. In addition, the goals that are set are ones that should be achieved within the course of one year.


The assessment is an annual evaluation of the employees’ performance. This often takes feedback from co-workers and clients into consideration, in addition to observations by management. Assessments also include a review of the previous years’ evaluation and an assessment of skills. Some employers may have an employee complete an evaluation of their own performance that is then discussed during the evaluation and compared to the official evaluation.


This portion of the process is about recognizing the employee’s accomplishments as well as any areas that need improvement. During this process the manager/employer and the employee should discuss ways to make improvements. Management should also be open to things that they can do differently in efforts to help the employee. In terms of accomplishments, employees may be given recognition verbally and/or in the form of bonuses or promotions.

Career Development

This phase of the process is to promote and encourage future improvement and development of the employee. It should meet the needs of the business or organization, enhance the strengths of the employee and work to eliminate areas of weakness. This may involve training on site as well as sending the individual to off-site training. As with other phases or stages of the process, communication between management and the employee is important.

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