Critiques of projects
February 6, 2021
Self Concept
February 6, 2021

What is the underlying causes for Alaska Airlines problems

In your final project, you will be developing a change plan for the

“Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change” case study. In order to begin

developing this change plan, you will need to analyze the case study and

diagnose the problem.

In this activity, your instructor will

assign you to a group with five of your peers, and each group will be

assigned its own discussion forum. Each member of the group will be

given one of the six parts for the Analysis and Diagnosis section of the

final project case study (problem, impact, organizational needs,

variables, underlying causes, and gaps). You are to become an expert on

your piece of the puzzle and should post your answer (along with the

prompt your instructor gives you) so the rest of the class can benefit

from your piece of the analysis. My part is to find the underlying causes for Alaska Airlines.

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