Compare and contrast the theme of familial relationships in “A Pair of Tickets” with another work. What do these works say about loyalty and the strength of a familial bond?
September 10, 2018
Describe how the inference controls are implemented; how they serve the purpose (effective) in a database
September 10, 2018

What piece of legislation allows computer records documenting criminal activity to be used in court?


· When composing your answers, be thorough. The more complete your answer, the higher your score will be. Be sure to identify any assumptions you are making in developing your answers and describe how your answer would change if the assumptions were different. For multiple choice questions if you think there are two correct answers choose the best one and justify your answer with reference.  Please do not reproduce or just rearrange the words in the question as an answer but try to give some deeper logical reason. Use the spell check and other methods of writing correct and good English. [It will help me too to improve my English]

· While composing your answers, especially for the conclusions or the facts please support your answers, carefully cite your sources.  If citing books include page numbers. I expect you to first get the answers from the OER, session notes and then other sources. If you are citing lessons, cite as (Session n). The session lectures are not developed 100% by me, so please avoid citing me as the author. Remember, failure to cite sources constitutes an academic integrity violation.

· Use APA format (so far, I have not penalized. But I expect you to follow it for the final)


Part I Q1-10 (5 points each), choose best one, Please provide reason of your choice in a few sentences, in your own words and/or reasons not choosing the other choices. Restating the problem in your own words does not constitute as the reason. Sometimes defining the terms may give you a clue to the reason.

1. What piece of legislation allows computer records documenting criminal activity to be used in court?

a. National Infrastructure Protection Act

b. Federal Computer Documents Rule 703(a)

c. Digital Signature Bill

d. Federal Rules of Evidence 803(6)


2. How should you NOT report computer crime?

a. telephone

b. e-mail

c. tell management in person

d. tell the IT department in person



3. What is most often overlooked when planning for information security?

a. firewalls

b. education

c. virus scans

d. electronic surveillance



4.  Which of the following are the reason for the difficulties in prosecutions of computer-related crimes?

1. The area of litigation is extremely technical and difficult to understand.

2. Most of the crimes do not fall under any of the current laws

3. The laws themselves are relatively new and untested.

4. The technology is very dynamic, and the tactics of the perpetrators are constantly changing.

a. 1 and 2

b. 1, 2 and 3

c. 1, 2 and 4

d. 1, 3 and 4



5. What is authentication?

a. the act of binding an entity to a representation of identity

b. the act of ensuring that information is being sent securely

c. the act of ensuring that the receiver of information actually received it

d. the act of binding a computer system to a network



6. What is not considered the misuse of information?

a. the untimely release of secret information

b. the deletion of information from a system

c. the illegal sale of information to rival companies

d. the misrepresentation of information



7. How does a client machine find the web address associated with a particular URL?

e. It uses translation software in the interpreter.

a. It sends a message to the nearest domain name server.

b. It uses hashing to translate the address.

c. It sends a message to the URL server.



8. What defines the strength of a cryptographic method?

a. number of shifts

b. need for a code book

c. complexity of the algorithm

d. length of time needed to crack it



9. Which security solution is best for protecting the information system connected to the Internet?

a. virus scanning software

b. encryption

c. biometric authentication

d. firewalls



10. Which part of CAIN is realized through the use of message digest functions and hashes? Give one reason

a. confidentiality

b. authenticity

c. integrity

d. non-repudiation




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