Which one of the following statements about the 1998 Supplemental Appropriations and Recissions Act is NOT true?
November 15, 2020
In a minimum of 1000 words, discuss and analyze the fundamental differences between European (i.e. Spanish and English) and Native American (i.e. American Indian) worlds by choosing 3 areas of discuss
November 15, 2020

What was the Pendleton Civil Service Act?

The Pendleton Act was passed to create a Civil Service system in the U.S. I believe the death of Garfield motivated the Congress to pass this.

Before the Pendleton Act government jobs were given out as a thank you to supporters of whomever won the presidential election. This led to bias, and to the appointment of incompetent people in government. The Pendleton Act was the beginning of the Federal Civil Service, which gave the job based on merit and ability to do the job.

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