Write a 750-1000 word essay about a pair of items in which the similarities and differences of those items are compared and contrasted in the style described within Unit III.
September 9, 2018
Describe the topic, research problem, and research question. 2. Clearly communicate the purpose of a research study using the language of your specialization. 3. Determine the relevant audience of your research study.
September 9, 2018

When you do a similar activity with children about something they like, why do you think children would enjoy using their imaginations like this?

Respond to student posts

April post

Mayesky states,” The most important thing to realize about creativity is that everyone possesses a certain amount of it. Some people are a little more creative, and some a little less. No one is totally lacking creativity.” (Mayesky, 2012, pg. 3). When it comes to creativity I don’t feel like I a creative person. Thinking about something that amazes me, I would say butterflies. If I were a butterfly I think it would be so peaceful flying all around the world observing the outside environment. I would not have any stress like bills, working, and daily life worries. To sum up things it would be awesome to fly around with not a care or stress of the world and being a beautiful site to see. Just be at peace. A reflective description as a butterfly would be a two-wing colorful insect. They start off as an egg which are laid by the female butterfly that turns into a caterpillar that is not so pretty in my opinion. Once the caterpillar stops growing and eating it become a pupa this stage can last for a few weeks then it turns into a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies get their beautiful color from the nectar from plants. Emotions that I would feel as a butterfly would be calm and peaceful. I feel that I am like a butterfly because I am beautiful inside and out and observant of my surroundings. Also, I feel like I have grown so much in the past year because of the position that I am in, so I relate this as the transition that butterflies must go through. I feel like I am not like a butterfly because I view them as calm, I feel as though I stress a lot and am working on it.

When you do a similar activity with children about something they like, why do you think children would enjoy using their imaginations like this?

Describe strategies you could use to help children less willing to participate in this activity. Give a rationale for each.

I think that children would enjoy using their imagination because they can express themselves, feel good about themselves, develop new skills, develop the potential to think, and others listening to their ideas.

Kelly post

As Mayesky says, the appreciation of beauty is instilled in children before they can even make creative things themselves (Mayeskey, 2011). Many of us are drawn to things that we have had surrounding us as children. My grandmother and great grandmothers all were quilt makers. They made them out of necessity but they are also a work of art. As a quilt, each piece is perfectly chosen, lined up to match, and each stitch made thinking of the families that would keep warm in them. Quilts are an act of love, a picture of memories. Each piece of fabric a scrap from a shirt from a grandfather, extra fabric from an Easter dress, or a ruffle from a babies gown. Each quilt brings about emotions for the ones who remember each piece of fabric that tells a story, and for those who just enjoy the coziness of the quilt. I wasn’t draw to all the quilts in my life. There was a dark colored one that I always did not enjoy laying with. It was rough, uneven fabric. Lots of polyester from the 1960s. Even though it was not my favorite quilt,  my mother’s stories of all the clothing scraps that made up the quilt makes the quilt special. Emotions have changed my view or aesthetic sensitivity towards it (Mayesky, 2011). Being a quilt with a story to tell would be a fun expression of my creativity.

“Teachers can make children’s art experiences meaningful through thoughtful dialogue (Mayesky, 2011, p.48).” It kids love to do art but they really enjoy to discuss art. Through meaningful experiences with art, they can make personal connections and develop their own love for art. When we make those connections with students, giving them choices and allowing them to develop the art, they usually want to take part. Giving ownership of learning to kids will allow them to make choices and still learn the fundamental activities in art that are being discussed. If a student is unwilling to learn, giving open activity choices allows them to find their interest and expression areas of interest.

Deidre post

In academic writing the writer has a purpose for writing; more than likely it will either end stating a general purpose for which the essay has been written or a more specific purpose which could be exploratory, descriptive or casual depending on the motive of the research. Exploratory, descriptive and narrative are just a few uses of academic writing. Academic papers are written in the third person never using the word “I”. It starts off having an idea in which the writer should first be concerned with developing these idea into readable prose for their intended audience. An academic paper should be written in either APA style or MLA style,citing references from information sources is also required. It is also important to remember that in academic writing the verbiage must be professional at all times; using slang or social jargons is never acceptable. However in personal writing there is no particular structure that the writer needs to follow. The use of slang and contractions are acceptable compared to an academic paper. Personal writing does not require an introduction, middle or conclusion. Using proper grammar and punctuating is not required on a personal writing. Academic writing is typically based on extensive research and seeks to prove a point to it’s audience; compared to personal writing which is typically intended for private use.

This is a scnario the student had to read and respond to.

Time Management

Ruben is a new student at New Bedford College. He is excited about his new adventure, but has problems keeping on task.

Recently he had a history paper due on Tuesday and waited until Monday to start working on it. While he was working on the paper, the phone rang and it was his friend Joyce. Joyce invited him to an impromptu party at Maria’s house. Never one to miss a party, Ruben quickly shut his computer off and went to the party. He figured he would finish the paper on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Ruben over slept until 1 p.m. and missed math class. He decided to start work on his history paper, but his Internet connection was not working. He called the cable company and reported the trouble. Figuring he would wait until the service was working, he took a jog through the park. While in the park, he sees his friends playing basketball. He stops and joins in. Ruben does not get back to his apartment until 7 p.m. He forgets about working on the paper until midnight and now the paper is overdue. What are some of Ruben’s time management issues and what do you recommend for overcoming them?

Jen post

Some of Ruben’s time management issues are that he didn’t use his time correctly to work on his paper. He thought that he could do his paper and hang out with his friends at the same time, but that doesn’t work that way. Some time management skills I would recommend is that he should set a schedule. He can write on the calendar what he needs to get done with his classes so that he won’t miss anything. Once he finishes an item on his schedule, he can either cross it off or put a mark on it, so Ruben knows that he has completed it. Then after he finishes what needs to be done for that day, Ruben can use the time left to do the activities that he wants to do.

Stedmon post

The first thing I notice with Ruben time management skills are he is not fully devoted to his school work. If he was to put as much time and effort in his work like he does for everything else I sure that paper would have been finish as soon as he knew about it. I also, feel that he has a very short attention span and is easily detracted witch I hope he learn will always become a huge problem when you have a deadline or something very important to tent to. The last thing is Ruben is going to have to learn how to use the word no. For me telling people is very hard so, I just avoid people.

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