A client sustained a complete C2 spinal cord injury after a motor vehicle crash. He is unable to move bilateral upper and lower extremities. He requires total nursing care including assistance eating, turning, and voiding. Which of the following describes the level of care the nurse provides according to Orem’s self-care model?
September 12, 2018
Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research. Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings. Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.
September 12, 2018

Which behavior indicates that a nurse, who is forced to confront a conflict situation, is using a submissive approach to communication?

The analysis that tracks events leading to error, identifies faulty systems and processes, and develops a plan to prevent further error in a blame-free environment is called:

  1. A) Quality Improvement
B) Root Cause Analysis
C) Case Management
D) Leapfrog




Nurses who learn about another person’s culture is enough to guarantee the nurse will have cultural awareness.

  1. A) False
B) True




Using errors as learning opportunities is a key element in building which of the following?

  1. A) Magnet hospital
B) Shared decision-making environment
C) system of improvements and quality care
D) Just culture organization




Evidence-based practice is the practice of nursing in which interventions are based on data from research that demonstrates they are appropriate and successful.

  1. A) True
B) False




Which of the following is considered the best preferred strategy to dealing with conflict?

  1. A) Choose your battles
B) Confront the conflict
C) Postpone the conflict
D) Ignore the conflict




Which statement made by a nursing student during a class on delegation indicates that the student needs additional study of the topic?

  1. A) “The RN who delegates is also responsible for education about the task to be performed.”
B) “When nurses delegate, they are delegating nursing.”
C) “Assessing clients is a task of the RN.”
D) “The tasks delegated should have expected and predictable outcomes.”




Which statement by a nurse manager during a staff meeting best demonstrates use of an assertive style of communication?

  1. A) “I am the manager and we will do it my way.”
B) “You have made some good points, but I have another suggestion.”
C) “I’m sorry, but your suggestion was useless to solving the problem.”
D) “I really don’t care; do it the way you think is best.”




A physician writes a DNR order for a competent client. Which individual may give permission for this order?

  1. A) The client’s next of kin
B) The client
C) The client’s spouse
D) The client’s only child




A client asks what the Affordable Care Act is. What best explains this act?

  1. A) “The law requires that most of the assets be absorbed.”
B) “The law is only for those on Medicare Part D.”
C) “The law has been written for those seniors who are under Medicaid.”
D) “The law has been written for those of all ages for a positive outcome.”




Clients may develop this when they view that the nurse is an authority figure or expert in health-care matters.

  1. A) Passive Obedience
B) Active Obedience
C) Health Care Aversion
D) Communication Synergy




Which is the principle upon which Nightingale’s spirituality was based?

  1. A) Scientific rationalism
B) A sense of a divine intelligence who creates and sustains the cosmos as well as an awareness of her own inner connection with this higher reality
C) Adherence to a set of rules of behavior, the participation in prescribed rituals, prayer, and the study of sacred texts
D) The beliefs of her Unitarian and Anglican parents




Client Satisfaction is not another way to measure quality of care.

  1. A) False
B) True



What is one disadvantage to the electronic health care system that health care workers are concerned about?

  1. A) Computer glitches
B) Inexpensive computer systems
C) Improved communication
D) May be used by multiple users at one time




Which is not part of the role of the forensic correctional nurse?

  1. A) Provide health screenings
B) Respond to emergency situations
C) Prescribe medications
D) Develop health-care plans




The nurse identifies a problem list for the client. Which of the following phases of the nursing process is this a part of?

  1. A) Assessment
B) Diagnosis
C) Evaluation 
D) Planning




What is the federally funded national health insurance program in the United States for people older than 65 years?

  1. A) Medicare
B) Exclusive Provider Organization
C) Long-term care insurance
D) Medicaid




T.S is a 75 year old man who sustained a left hip fracture after a fall. He is normally independent and lives at home with his wife who suffers from dementia. He currently requires a heavy assist of 2 to pivot transfer to a chair. He is not currently ambulating more than a few steps with a walker. His goal is to go back home to help care for his wife. Which of the following is the most appropriate hospital discharge plan for T.S.?

  1. A) Rehabilitation Center
B) Long-term care facility
C) Home with homecare
D) Assisted living




What is the primary reason some nurses have difficulty in their role of managing the needs of the elderly or dying client?

  1. A) Death of a client may indicate that the care they were providing was insufficient
B) Their education has focused them on keeping clients alive and promoting health.
C) They have an internal conflict in coping with their own fears of death.
D) They become very emotional when clients they are caring for die.




What is the most effective method nurses can use to gain power over nursing practice?

  1. A) Confront hospital administrators about inadequate staffing
B) Leave the nursing profession when better jobs are available
C) Join professional organizations in large numbers
D) Use union tactics to increase salaries




The establishment of a professional organization is one of the most important defining characteristics of a profession.

  1. A) False
B) True




Why is heritage consistency important to cultural groups?

  1. A) It allows them to advance within the larger culture
B) It allows them to retain many of their cultural elements
C) It allows them to fit in with the larger culture
D) All of the above




Identify the term used when a person lives with consciousness of a reality beyond what is knowable through the five senses and is aware of a transcendent reality.

  1. A) Religion
B) Spirituality
C) Truth
D) Meditation




True or False: Total quality improvement is based upon the organization with the higher-quality service that will capture a greater share of the market than competitors with lower-quality services.

  1. A) False
B) True



Which of the following is not a reason the State Board of Nursing may revoke a nursing license?

  1. A) Conviction of a serious crime
B) Ethical conduct in the practice of nursing
C) Use of illegal drugs while providing client care
D) Failure to renew a nursing license while still practicing nursing




What would be a characteristic of the ideal electronic health care record?

  1. A) The system is unique to the institution it resides in.
B) It reflects only the past medical history.
C) The system reflects the lifelong, continuous record of all care the client has received.
D) It depicts the current health status, but does not provide the medical history




The type of reimbursement system that pays a fixed-rate based on diagnosis (or DRG) is called what:

  1. A) Capitated Payment System
B) Managed Care Organization
C) Preferred Provider Organization
D) Prospective Payment System




Which of the following organizations provides nursing with a code of ethics?

  1. A) Institute of Medicine
B) Department of Health
C) Board of Nursing 
D) American Nurses Association




Which of the following reasons is not a reason for the increasing use of alternative and complementary healing practices?

  1. A) Desire for greater control over one’s health
B) Traditions passed on from parents
C) Belief in the effectiveness of alternative therapies
D) Dissatisfaction with conventional health care




Identify the primary driving force behind the development and use of telehealth or telemedicine.

  1. A) Easy access to computers
B) Consumer concerns about access to health care
C) Increase sophistication of physicians’ computers skills
D) Large segments of the population located in congested urban areas




The establishment of a professional organization is insignificant in defining characteristics of a profession.

  1. A) True
B) False




A registered nurse (RN) is assigned to a step-down coronary care unit with 20 clients in various stages of recovery. What is the primary consideration in assigning the unit staff that includes two RNs, two licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and one certified nursing assistant (CNA) or UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) ?

  1. A) Skill level of each staff member
B) Staff preferences for specific clients
C) Distance of client rooms from the nurses’ station
D) Developmental needs of clients




What is acute care of sick persons that is provided in hospitals called?

  1. A) Primary intervention
B) Assistive intervention
C) Secondary intervention
D) Tertiary intervention




Identify the characteristics of a task that is to be delegated that would require it to be assigned to an RN.

  1. A) The task is routine in nature and follows hospital policies.
B) The client is relatively stable.
C) The client requires a dressing change at the beginning of the shift.
D) The task requires decision-making to complete it.



Evidence-based practice is the practice of nursing in which interventions are based on data from research that demonstrates that they are appropriate and successful.

  1. A) True
B) False




Identify the health-care area in which the use of computers has improved the efficiency of care.

  1. A) Physician record keeping
B) Interdepartmental communication
C) Documentation
D) Medication administration




What is a major benefit for the elderly who now have easy access to and use of technology such as the Internet and smartphones?

  1. A) They can reach hospitals and family if they need help.
B) They generally are so confused by the technology, they abandon it.
C) They have opportunities to obtain screening and treatment that they might not otherwise seek.
D) They now have a new source of entertainment to keep their minds active and delay the effects of dementia.




This federally funded program is known for financing a large portion of maternal and child care for the poor.

  1. A) Medicaid
B) Medicare
C) Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
D) Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)




What is the primary purpose for the development of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project?

  1. A) Focus nursing education on competencies to reduce the number of medical errors
B) Increase the number of students in nursing programs
C) Shift nursing education to a more medical model due to increased client acuity
D) Decrease the number of associate degree nursing programs




Which behavior indicates that a nurse, who is forced to confront a conflict situation, is using a submissive approach to communication?

  1. A) Refers the problem to a supervisor
B) Confronts the other person loudly and in front of an audience
C) Uses the incident as a threat
D) Sets up a one-on-one meeting at a specific time




What advantage does the electronic health record system have over traditional paper systems?

  1. A) More portable
B) Fewer privacy issues
C) Unbreakable
D) Reduces redundancy

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