“Faith, Fortune, and Fame” or “God, Gold, and Glory” is a slogan that describes the European explorations and conquests that spread Western culture…
October 29, 2020
quot;Transnational Organized Crimequot; Please respond to the following: Compare and contrast the prevalence of organized crime in two (2) of the…
October 29, 2020

Why did Daniel Shays try to attack a federal building that held weapons?

Daniel Shays was angry with the taxes so he and a bunch of other farmers attacked a place that would get attention and show that he was ‘in charge’, but, he wasn’t.

The state court had threatened to take his farm away, due to debt.

This was the same with a lot of other farmers so he gathered them together and they all formed a rebellion, thus ‘Shay’s Rebellion’ As to enforce ideas about debt, taxes, and state judgement. 🙂

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