Complete each section of the assignment accordingly. You will turn in each section for instructor feedback. Once you obtain feedback, make necessary revisions.
September 10, 2018
List and discuss specific factors that exist in this country that would make this country competitive? (i.e. basic resources such as natural resources, climate, location and advanced resources such as skilled labor, infrastructure, technological know-how)
September 10, 2018

Why do poor grammar and sentence structure, lack of clarity, APA formatting, etc., matter when it comes to academic writing?

Why do poor grammar and sentence structure, lack of clarity, APA formatting, etc., matter when it comes to academic writing? 150 words

Respond to these students post in 150 words

Dani post


Online sources are so hard to deem creditable sometimes. As far as academic sources go, we have a really grate library right at our finger tips. Google can sometimes give false results  because of how wide the search range is, but knowing that theres so many resources out there for students to use makes it so much easier! I plan on using these sources and tips to make sure all of my sources are creditable and correct especially with my academic writing. Its also good for everyday knowledge too, because personally I know nothings worse than providing false information, whether it be in a daily conversation or an academic setting; we always want to make sure we use the most creditable sources. I read someone else’s response and they mentioned to print out the tips as a reminder and I think thats a great idea!

Aaliyah post 150 words


The evaluation of academic sources is important because it values our work of getting all the right information to be a successful writer and student. By being a successful writer in our work,our information has to be sourceful enough to use in the research paper to be considered accurate and accepted in the teacher words. That’s why it’s always good to know where to get actual facts from that’s manageable enough to attain research from so it won’t be considered stealing information that’s resulting in plagarising and some websites are accurate to get information from that’s educated and scholarly enough to verify the point of view to support the points. Also it’s good to make sure that the information matches the topic of the research thinking critically about our choices and actions that we prefer to use. Some effective ways to research and find information of the sources are academic journal, books and the school library to be considered credibility upon reliability upon scientific research.

What is information literacy? 150 words and you may use examples.

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