create budget sheet Research hardware and software to satisfy operational requirements
February 15, 2021
Signature Assignment: The Entrepreneurial Marketing Manager
February 15, 2021

work proposal 500 words for Mobile and Pervasive Computing


Task 1:

I want work proposal only for this assignment which must include:

• Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables

• General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all the tasks

• Resources identified


In recent years, Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) usage and applications continue to expand in many sectors ranging from corporate business, healthcare, manufacturing, and educations. Multiple reasons account for it, such as mobility, flexible networking, low cost, installation flexibility, and ease of installation. In addition, these networks can be setup quickly with minimum efforts and run when there is no available wired infrastructure. However, regardless of the aforementioned benefits most existing WLANs face security threats and mobility management challenges unlike in wired network. For instance, the electromagnetic signals used in the WLANs for the reception and dissemination of data can create a risk where the network can be hacked

• Evaluate WLANs security threats, risks and challenges

• Countermeasures for the above-mentioned security threats, risks and challenges

Broadband wireless networks offers and alternative solution to the problem of information accessing in the areas where wired connection is not practical or economical. In addition, a major driving force towards the broadband wireless network adoption is due to the demand of accessing corporate network remotely form any place, anywhere and anytime. Further, the people want communication and the sharing of informations by eliminating the limitation of distance and location. Commonly the broadband wireless networks technologies can be classified into two types named (1) fixed and (2) mobile wireless broadband. The fixed broadband wireless network technology, provide internet connectivity to the user specific or permanent locations such like home and office. While in comparison in the mobile wireless broadband, the services are provided via smart phones and other wireless devices at any place at any time.

: Broadband wireless networks technologies

• Critically evaluate the fixed and mobile broadband wireless network

• Elaborate the strength and weakness of the fixed and mobile broadband wireless network

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