Discuss the importance of employee security awareness training. What innovative ways should company’s implement security training? Please provide examples to support your answer. (Write a minimum of 1-full page discussing your answer)
September 5, 2018
Considering the practical problems and unique characteristics of older adults, analyze the value of bereavement counseling groups. How does the design of an older adult bereavement group in Chapter 11 of your text compare to the death support-group program examined in Walijarvi, Weiss, and Weinman’s research?
September 5, 2018

Would “The Story of an Hour” work in the present day?

Fiction Essay

Choose one of the stories listed on our syllabus. The essay is to be based on your analysis of the story – not the view of other critics. You may NOT use secondary sources for this assignment. You have two choices listed below for this assignment:

Option 1: Dynamic Character

Write about a protagonist who is dynamic, who undergoes growth or change, in one of the stories we have read. Some of the stories we have read show characters who do not grow, so you have to choose a story in which there is some change in the main character.  Your essay must show a clear contrast between the traits of the character before the change and the traits after the change. You may include a discussion of incidents or issues that cause the change, or you may show how the change reveals the author’s theme. HINT: Your paper might be set up as a comparison/contrast.

Two useful sites about dynamic character:

• http://www.cliffsnotes.com/Section/What-is-a-dynamic-character-What-is-a-static-character-How-are-they-different-.id-305408,articleId-7986.html

• http://www.k-state.edu/english/baker/english320/cc-static_vs_dynamic_characterization.htm

Option 2: Setting

Write about the use of setting in one of the stories we have read. Remember that setting is more than the place; it is also the time in which a story takes place.  Would “The Story of an Hour” work in the present day?  Would “Everyday Use” have the same meaning if it were set in the North today?  Present the details of the setting and analyze how the author makes use of the setting to reveal character, to structure the action, to create atmosphere, to highlight irony,or to underscore the ideas of the story.

Two useful sites about setting:

• http://www.learner.org/interactives/literature/read/setting1.html

• http://www.ehow.com/how_5932257_analyze-setting-literature.html

Technical Specifications

Your paper must have a clear thesis supported by thoughtful analysis and evidence (including quoted evidence) from the story. It should be 2-4 pages long (at least 2 pages / no more than 4 pages—not including the work cited entry).


WoW 48-54 – “Critical Thinking:  Reading, Questioning, Writing”– (Don’t let the poetry example throw you off.) will be useful in writing this paper.

Follow the handouts I have posted on MLA format and conventions for writing about literature in the Course Materials folder. I have posted an example short story paper there as well.

See other useful resources in the Writing Resources folder.

Modern Language Format and Work Cited Entry

Although this is not a research paper with sources, at the end of the essay you will still need to list your story as a source on a Work Cited page. This is good practice for the other essays this semester.  It’s not as hard as you think. See the sample essay I have posted for the format and works cited entry.


Your essay will be graded on content, support, unity, coherence, grammar, mechanics, and format. While your ideas are the most important aspect of your paper, those ideas must be presented in a way that enhances, not obscures them. Your writing skills must be on college level. You must follow the prescribed manuscript and MLA formats and rigorously separate your words from the words of the writer.

In short, give your thoughtful opinion (and back it up with reasons and examples, including quotations). The grading rubric is located in the Essay / Research Paper folder. To access it, click Start Here, then Review the Expectations and Grades, then Essay / Research Paper.

Due Date

Consult the syllabus for the due date. Consider visiting the Writing Center and working with a writing consultant prior to submitting your final draft.  If you have questions about this paper, please email the instructor or post a thread in the Cyber Cafe.

File Name

Save your paper as EN102ONL Lastname Fiction.docx. You can also use .doc or .rtf after the word Fiction in the file name.

Submit your assignment through the Blackboard “Submit” option.  Do not email these essays.

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