Calculate the following problems and provide an overall summary of how companies make financial deci
December 27, 2020
response post (150 word minimum) 2 articles
December 27, 2020

Write a 500 word critical essay on each chapter

8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14. You will write a 500 word critical essay on each chapter. Name of Book is Whitley, J. & Zusman, L. (Eds). 2009. Homeland Security: Legal and Policy Issues. Chicago: ABA Publishing

Each essay will include

  1. an introduction
  2. a brief summary
  3. Your opinion of two of the most interesting points in the chapter (You must cite your two most interesting points in your paragraphs)
  1. select one topic and discuss critical impact on the future
  2. a conclusion

Each chapter will begin on a new page.

Your paper will have one APA cover page and page numbering.

There is no need for an abstract.

Your paper will have an APA reference page.

In summary, you will submit one document in APA format as a Word document attachment. Your document will have six sections, representing each chapter. You will begin each chapter with a separate page and heading. As an example, if each essay is 1 page. Your paper will total 8 pages (1 for title page and one for reference page).

Your paper will be graded on a 100 point scale and then divided by 6.66 to represent 15 percent of your final grade per the syllabus. Your final grade for Exam 2 will be worth a maximum of 15 points.

Grading Matrix

10 points per essay (60 points)

20 points for following directions

20 points for APA

I thoroughly read each exam. Please make sure your work is your own. Plagiarism, or using someone’s work will result in a grade of zero.

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