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Write a case study in the form of a conference paper of 3,000 words that presents a structured case study and academic evaluation of a health informatics project that

Project Management in Health Informatics

Your task

Write a case study in the form of a conference paper of 3,000 words that presents a structured case study and academic evaluation of a health informatics project that

you are familiar with.

Your case study should follow an acceptable format for an academic conference paper following appropriate academic conventions such as having an abstract, referencing

appropriate literature and following a clearly explained methodology. See for guidance.

Your case study should begin with a clear description of the project within its organisational context; explain its scope, boundaries and characteristics including

those that make it interesting and relevant. Be succinct in summarising the key events in the project, highlighting the challenges faced and their root causes.

Your methodology should explain what information sources you have had access to, how you have used them, limitations etc. and a discussion on the techniques you have

used in your analysis. Your analysis should use techniques covered in the course and make strong connections to the established literature (how does your chosen

project fit with or differ from the literature). Your case study should conclude with a reflective evaluation of the project, in what ways was it a success or failure,

how did the project reflect the culture and constraints of the organisation(s) involved and what lessons are there for similar projects or similar organisations.

You may present some of the output of your work as diagrams or tables within the paper but should also be prepared to reference and make use of appendices to show the

detailed work. You may also include original material from your chosen project in appendices provided you have the owner’s permission to do so. You may change the name

of the organisation to a fictional one provided you make this clear in the introduction. In addition reports marked “Confidential” will be kept securely and seen only

by those involved in the University assessment process.

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment should demonstrate that you can:
• Research, work with and reference relevant academic literature on project management.
• Demonstrate an ability to both understand and work within healthcare domains in the context of project management.
• Apply a range of advanced project management techniques from the course to a health informatics context.
• Apply structure and critical thinking in your evaluation.
• Use the case study to demonstrate an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the project planning and control process and to explain how project

failures can best be avoided.

Your report should:
• Be logically structured with a coherent argument
• Use evidence from a range of sources to support your discussion
• Use good English
• Include accurate and consistent referencing
• Use correct spelling and punctuation.

Word Count: 3,000 words (excluding abstract, tables, graphs, appendices and references)

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