Need help with a 900- to 1,150-word paper in which you answer the following questions: What do you think Shelby Foote meant in the passage quoted
November 22, 2020
Helen thompson (woolley), who, at the turn of the century, carried out the first systematic comparison of women and men on a variety of abilities in a controlled lab setting, found
November 22, 2020

write a one a nd half page essay. double space . topicv the collapse of the Chinese world order. Today we are studying the first episode of the…

write a one and half page essay. double space . topic<v the collapse of the Chinese world order>.

Today we are studying the first episode of the modern Western assault on the Chinese world order.    The reading for today is a copy of a letter written by the Chinese Imperial Commissioner, Lin Tse-hsu (Lin Zexu), who was in charge of the court’s anti-opium effort, entitled, Letter to the English Ruler.  Lin drafted this letter to England’s Queen Victoria appealing for her help in stopping the opium trade, a trade which British merchants were operating.  Read this letter, and then on a separate sheet of paper, respond to the following questions (be sure to support your points with references to the letter).   

1.  List at least two religious/philosophical beliefs which Lin refers to in his letter which might have constituted a moral common ground between the Chinese and the British.2.  Besides the moral argument, he also refers to two other reasons, or arguments, one political and one economic, for the British to cease and desist their trading in opium.  What are these?

3.  Which argument do you think that the British found most compelling, and why?

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