BUS 4480-WK3 Diversity
February 14, 2021
Progressive disciplinary policy
February 14, 2021

Write min 450 words for my portion of group paper about life insurance that explains basics to a potential purchaser.

Write min 450 words combined for the portions that say ME. Group paper about life insurance that explains some basics to a potential purchaser. Other portions will be completed by other team members.

Include the following:

  • Intro and
  • Make any general recommendations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use a separate section header for each of the 4 requirements, and sub-headers for items under each. Points are deducted for not using these headers.

Introduction (ME) *************

Compare and Contrast the Various Forms of Life Insurance (Thomas)

Describe the Provisions of Life Insurance Policies (Matasha)

Evaluate and Explain the Methods used to Calculate Life Insurance Needs (Ryan)

Make Any General Recommendations (ME)***********

Conclusion (Melanie)

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