Philosophic Argument #2: Polanyi
February 8, 2021
engineering professionalism
February 8, 2021

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The strongest affirmation of brand loyalty occurs when customers are engaged, or willing to invest time, energy, money, or other resources in the brand beyond those expended during purchase or consumption of the brand.For example, customers may choose to join a club centered on a brand, receive updates, and exchange correspondence with other brand users or formal or informal representatives of the brand itself. Companies are making it increasingly easy for customers to buy a range of branded merchandise so they can literally express their loyalty. Customers may choose to visit brand-related Web sites, participate in chat rooms, or post to discussions. In this case, customers themselves became brand evangelists and ambassadors.

In your research, find an article or other sources(e.g., web sites) and write a one-page summary of what the company does to create brand engagement. How do you know it works?

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