organizational communication case study unit 6
February 14, 2021
ECO 550 – Assignment 1
February 14, 2021

writing paper about Cultural Analysis of Jordan not less than 10 pages

attached a sample of the paper It should look like that but my part is the following which is Part 1 ONLY:

Part 1–

Cultural Analysis–

Geographical Setting:The important geographic characteristics the marketer needs to consider when assessing the country’s market potential is the focus of this section.

Social Institutions: Education, political structures, and the legal system affect the ways people relate to one another, organize their activities to live in harmony with one another, teach acceptable behavior to succeeding generations, and govern themselves. You are looking for aspects of the social institutions that may impact your program.*In this section, make sure you include information on the country’s political system, legal system, education, social classes, business customs and practices.

Religion: The focus of this section is to examine how people relate to their religion. Besides a general overview of the role of religion in the country, look for details about religion that differ significantly from your knowledge of that religion and of your religion(or belief system).

Language: Factors to consider include the country’s official language(s), existing dialects, and the marketing implications of such factors.

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