clinical management problem solving
January 10, 2021
Essay on Theories of Motivation
January 10, 2021

Writing partial Organizational Behavior Paper. 1 page only

The company i am working is Apple Company in technology industry. After researching, finish the next two topics at around 250-350 words in total.

· Font Size – 12 Point

· Margins – 1”

· Line Spacing – 1.5

APA format.

1. Key Components – Identify the product’s key components (most important inputs) that are used to create the product. For example, beef is a key component of a steak house, steel is a key component of a car, and lawyers are key components of a law firm. These are not parts (fenders), product features (LED headlamps) and/or accessories (floor mats).

2. Outsourced Activities

a. Current – Identify activites of the supply chain (upstream, internal processes, and downstream) that are outsourced.

b. Potential Outsourced Activities – In addition to what is already outsourced, identify one or two activities of the organization that could also be outsourced and explain/justify your rationale for these decisions. These activities may be part of the supply chain and/or “administration activities” (non-supply chain related).

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