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December 26, 2020
​Assignment Choice #1: Planning the Audit
December 26, 2020

You will be performing a Market Entry Analysis

You will be performing a Market Entry Analysis. Your analysis should utilize APA (6th edition) formatting. You must include the work for all of your calculations (if you do not include work, you will receive a ZERO for the entire assignment).

You may choose from any ONE of the below themes:

1. US photovoltaic company panel installation in Asia.
2. US clothing retailer into Central America.
3. Coffee shop entry into western Africa.

See conduct a market analysis document in Resources tab for guidance on completing the assignment.

Your analysis should include the following:

1. Defining the problem
2. Analysis of the situation
3. Obtaining data that is specific to the problem
4. Analysis and interpreting the data
5. Fostering ideas and problem solving
6. Designing a plan

Your analysis should be of adequate length to address all six areas. (7 – 10 pages required)

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