Describe in 3 Paragraphs – Law Question
February 25, 2021
Meeting and Planning Journal Unit 6
February 25, 2021


*** environmental science and sustainability***

hello. this is NOT an essay writing assignment. I simply need an outline / proposal to be drafted for the following:

For this assignment, submit just your proposal for your final paper which will present and describe the aspects of a chosen (un)sustainable system that incorporates all three areas general areas of sustainability: natural systems, human behaviors, and industrial systems dynamics. Your paper will draw on lecture content and course readings for concepts of natural systems, human behaviors, and industrial systems.

For this submission you are to submit your topic proposal as follows:

Submit a short (2 page, double-spaced, 12-point font, and a minimum of 3 references) proposal of your topic to be approved by your Teaching Assistant. In the proposal, please include a problem statement and general description of the (un)sustainable system.

A common pitfall in selecting your topic is to target an (un)sustainable system which is too broad in nature. As you develop your topic proposal, please work to narrow your focus to something which is doable within the timeframe and scope of this assignment. As an example, you wouldn’t want to tackle the current gap in modern electricity access of 1.2 billion people worldwide – but you could explore the use of solar home system pay-as-you-go (SHS PAYG) solutions to address this gap in rural Uganda.

For the Undergraduate credit Essay III assignment the suggested outline for the paper is as follows:

Title Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
List of Tables/Figures
Unsustainable System Description (functions as an introduction)
Natural Systems Influences
Human Behaviors Influences
Industrial Systems Dynamic Influences
List of References

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