Human Resource Career Management Portfolio
February 25, 2021
Complete Information Systems
February 25, 2021

Change Reflection

*Using 1.5 line space.

*Please refer to the “Assignment 5 -change reflection outline”, to finish the final paper.


In preparing to assess change within organizations let’s start first by taking a look at you. Have you taken time to assess how you handle change? How does change make you feel? Would you consider yourself a change agent? What about a change optimist? Do you have the ability to adapt to any change that comes your way? Take down a few bullet notes regarding your answers to these questions.

Part I. Next, complete ‘The First 30 Days of Change Quiz’ and the ‘Change-Readiness Assessment’ and analyze your results. Then answer these questions: Do they compare to what you thought prior to taking the assessment? What’s accurate? What do you feel is not accurate? How can these quizzes begin to open your eyes to what others may feel within an organizational change? (1/2 page)

Part II. Next, think back to a very important change you experienced in your personal or professional life. Summarize the change. (1 page)

Part III. Next, answer the following questions: What role did your heart or others hearts play in that change? Was there a sense of urgency? How did your psychology (mind & behavior) and/or those impacted play a part? (1-2 pages)

Part IV. Thinking back to the beginning of this assignment, taking the change quiz and assessment, then sharing your important change and the analysis of that change I’d like for you to write what you feel is your ‘change signature’. A ‘change signature’ is one or more characteristic ways you deal with change.

Part V. Lastly, taking the time to understand this unique feature about you is vital to your effectiveness, sustainability and adaptability. Give a short (1/4 – 1/2 page) description of how you initiate and respond to organizational change. There is no ‘one’ right change signature. Link your belief with your assessment, your story, and with 3 principles you’ve learned thus far from the course readings.

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