Unit 3 Assignment for Building Customer Sales
January 11, 2021
875-word research paper marketing research committee for bank organization about current microeconomic
January 11, 2021

Communication and Gendered Communication

Up to this point you have learned a lot about communication and gendered communication. In this assignment, you are asked to show your understanding of these concepts. For this assignment, write a 3–4 page paper in which you distinguish between communication and gendered communication, specifically focusing on:

  • What the difference is between the two concepts?
  • How do they affect the workplace and our personal and professional relationships?
  • What role does gender play in the communication process?

Be sure to include and define (if applicable) the key items identified in chapters 1 and 2 of your Wood text.

You should use at least four resources, most of which should come from the Capella Library. Be sure to use APA formatting throughout the paper. Note: If you use Internet sources, they must to be credible. For example, Wikipedia and YouTube are not credible resources.

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