A specific performance review of the songs that impressed you during the performance (s), with concrete reasons as support
September 12, 2018
Discuss another financial services mis-selling scandal from the last 30 years – within your answer set the historical framework, detail what went wrong and what lessons should have been learnt
September 12, 2018

Explain the significance of the question that Button asks his Grandpa at the end of page 40

Inferences About Character

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The Assignment (Grade 12 English) is based on the short story “Black Walls” by Chinese writer Xin-Wu Liu

Assignment – Inferences About Character
Please read the requirements below carefully, and complete each section of the assignment logically. There is no designated number of words for each section, but the length should be roughly proportional to the mark to be awarded. In total, I am expecting 4 pages in length, namely about 4 x 275 = 1,100 words.
*Please answer each of the questions in paragraph form, using analysis and interpretation. Please be sure to read your assignment carefully as 5 Marks are dedicated in each assignment to grammar, sentence structure and clarity of thoughts. Always use lines from the short story to support your answers to the questions*
1) Read the first page of the short story, from there I want you to write your Inference the protagonist thus far. I am not looking for a correct inference at this point; I just want to know what your initial Inference is. (4 Marks)
2) In the short story, “Black Walls”, I want you to explain the conflict that the protagonist is facing, is it Man vs. Man? Man vs. Society? Man vs. Himself? (5 Marks)
3) Analyze the style of writing for this short story. Do you feel that the short story was simplistic or complicated in style? If so, explain why the author may have chosen to write the story in such a way and if it aided in your understanding of the theme in any way. (6 Marks)
Complete the Following Graph after you have read the short story (10 Marks)
Character Inference Chart
Short Story Name of Protagonist Initial Inference About the Character Final Inference About the Character
Black Walls

4) Explain the significance of the question that Button asks his Grandpa at the end of page 40. What was the reaction of the people on page 41? Do you agree with Button’s statement or with Grandpa? (3 Marks)
5) What do you believe the theme is of this short story? What is the main message that the author is trying to convey to you as the reader about life and people? (2 Marks)
6) I want you to imagine and write down the thoughts of one of the adult characters in response to Little Buttons question. (5 Marks)
Creative Writing
For this portion of the assignment, I want you to draw the expressions on the neighbour’s faces following these two scenarios;
1) Draw the expressions on the neighbour’s faces following Little Button’s question at 8:49am
? Draw a sketch, and describe in words the possible facial expressions as detailed as possible
2) Draw the identical characters in the next sketch but with their facial expressions changed following Button’s final question at 8:52am.
? Draw a sketch and describe in words the possible facial expressions as detailed as possible
Then, I would like you to write a paragraph personal response of your thoughts and reactions to the observations made by Little Button. What do you infer about Button as a character? Do you agree with his statements? How would you have reacted to what Button said if you were a neighbor in this story?
(10 Marks)


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