easy special occasion- outline
January 10, 2021
Case Report_West Indies Yacht Club Resort
January 10, 2021

global business

Assignment 1 :

Your initial post should not be less than 500 words.

Each question should be answered in a separate paragraph.

DB4 document is for this assignment !

Assignment 2 :

3. What type of a political system does this country have? What is the level of political risk associated with this country? What is the level of political freedom in this country? How does the level of political freedom/risk influence the decisions of US businesses?

4. How is the legal system of that country? What is the level of corruption in that country?

http://www.fcpablog.com/ and identify some high profile bribery cases involving US/MNCs in that country.Should US companies be concerned about this?

5. What type of an economic system does this country have? How will this influence the way US businesses operate in that country?

6. Is the political and business landscape favorable for http://www.doingbusiness.org/rankings in that country?

the assignment 2 is political and business Landscape in Japan ,

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