Describe the goals and the responsibilities with one or two sentences. Then, simply list the typical job titles in the appropriate cells. Each typical job title cell contains the minimum quantity of titles to include. Finally, list one type of cost associated with each component; you must use a different type of cost for each component (i.e., you can only use “salary” once). 
September 5, 2018
Per the U.S. Department of State, more than half the world’s refugees are under the age of 18. Throughout history, children have been in the presence of war and horrific situations that caused their families to flee their home country. What type of policies are in place to protect refugee children?
September 5, 2018

Identify the tasks needed to successfully carry out “purging” while covering risks. Indicate whose approvals may be necessary before carrying out the purge. List the major steps to complete the project.


A defined but non-routine function of a health care provider information management department is purging records that are no longer needed. Using a project management perspective, please consider the project of purging older, unused medical records from a healthcare facility or physician office. Materials need to be identified, marked, and properly disposed of, such as by shredding.

Purging must be done periodically but in a very systematic manner. Some essential elements of purging medical records include adhering to state and national standards. HIPAA does not include medical record retention requirements, rather, deferring to state standards on how long records are required to be kept. In Kentucky, for example, records must be kept for 10 years from the last date of service for patients over the age of 18.

You will need to conduct background research on the web or within our library in order to identify tasks and responsibilities related to this project. Make sure to use appropriate citations when the work of others is quoted or consulted.

Your task:

This begins your Project Management Plan. For this assignment, write a 1-2 page paper that addresses the following:

  1. Outline the purpose of the project. Write a brief paragraph summarizing the project and purpose.
  2. Designate an individual who is in charge of making sure the project stays “on task”. Indicate that person by usual title or role. This person will be the project manager.
  3. Indicate how long you expect the entire process may take.
  4. Indicate what types of staff need to be involved.
  5. Indicate the types of training you expect to be carried out during the project.
  6. Identify the tasks needed to successfully carry out “purging” while covering risks.
  7. Indicate whose approvals may be necessary before carrying out the purge.
  8. List the major steps to complete the project.

Background Source:

Marcios, A. (2009, April 28). Moving mountains– the proper purge of medical records. For the Record, 21(9), 20. Retrieved from

Be sure to cite your sources (if any) and make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Please Meet Criteria

Paper is 1 page in length

Paper specifies the project purpose

Paper designates an individual to be charge of making sure the project stays ?on task,? and indicates other staff required for the project

Paper indicates the expected duration of the project

Paper identifies specific major tasks or steps

A reference source is identified and cited as indicated

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