Strategic Choice, Goals, and Implementation Paper
February 8, 2021
How to identify the reasons for conflict and how to manage and resolve conflict in a diverse workforce
February 8, 2021

Leadership Styles

Think about one effective and one ineffective leader you have encountered. Determine how each leader was effective or ineffective in his or her leadership styles and explain your reasoning with support from sources and actual examples. Incorporate in your response materials to justify your assessment of leader effectiveness and ineffectiveness such as leader traits, leader skills, leader behaviors, and leadership theories; such as situational leadership, contingency leadership, path-goal theory, or leader-member exchange theory. In the case of the ineffective leader, make suggestions as to how he or she could improve his or her individual leadership style.

Embed material concepts, principles, and theories (all of which require supporting citations), along with at least 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.

Use academic writing, APA STYLE

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