management paper
February 4, 2021
i need help with homework
February 4, 2021

Management And Operation ZNA BANK LLC


You are expected to develop a power point presentation , covering the following aspects.

  • Introduction to the key operations of the Organization . Details of each of the key operational functions identifying the roles and responsibilities of mangers in the key operational functions .(p4)
  • Explanation on the key approaches to Operations Management and the value in achieving business objectives.(p5)
  • Assessment (evaluation)of the impact of external business environmental factors, that effect decision-making by leaders and mangers. Also analyse how these different factors affect the business environment and wider community .(p6)

Should be 15 slide

Slide number 1) name

Slide number 2) introduction

Slide number:(3 to 13) answer the question

Slide number 🙁 14) conclusion

Slide number: (15) reference

Please not that to obtain a P you most complete Question 1,2 and 3 .

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