Make changes to paper criminology theory
February 27, 2021
Financial Statement Analysis and Decision Making Activity
February 27, 2021

Marketing discussion

For this discussion, you need to select a specific consumer product sold by a multinational company. Identify a specific research question that you could study using each of the following research methods and explain why you think the question is most appropriately studied using the method:

A. A cross-sectional design

B. A longitudinal design

C. A “big-data” approach (any approach from Chapter 5).

What challenges and/or ethical concerns might you face with each of your research questions/methods?

Select one of your research questions for further discussion and briefly explain how you would conduct the study. (Note that your selection determines whether you need to focus on information from Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 when you discuss this last topic).

I want to discuss about Coca Cola drink for this discussion.

I just want to do 300-400 words.

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