Course Project – Milestone Two – HRIS Needs Assessment
February 24, 2021
Project Management Tool for Welfare Crisis
February 24, 2021

Miss America………3 SOURCES HERE

Part 1: Analysis & Reflection:

Using the links provided in the Resources tab to understand the story (and others you find on your own) answer the following prompt in no less than two paragraphs:

Imagine you are a press agent for Miss America (Kira Kazanstev). First, is there a problem with how she has addressed the issue (hazing/bullying) so far? (Why or why not)? Now another reporter wants to interview your client. How would you use your knowledge of persuasion to coach Kira in her public response? How could she persuade the public to see her in a new way? What could she do to persuade others to not behave the same way she did?

You should relate your response to course information in any way you see fit. (Citing as necessary).

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