Objections to joining a union
February 5, 2021
building the guiding team
February 5, 2021

Strategic Staffing Plan Research

Much research has been conducted on the strategic function of human resources planning. For example, consider the restructuring of a large organization to meet proposed changes in the strategic plan. Some companies change their overall strategy more regularly (every 2-5 years) and some wait much longer. The point is that when a company changes its strategy, human resources needs change as well.


Using the library databases, find peer-reviewed articles that present information on strategic planning from the human resources perspective. Present your research in a written assignment. World Wide Web articles will not be accepted.

The written component of this assignment should be a minimum of 3 full pages (not including the the title and reference pages) and be cited and formatted according to APA Style (see the APA resources included in the Student Resources Page). Note that I will deduct points for not meeting the page requirement.

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