Impact of Correctional Theories and Punishment
February 27, 2021
Imagine such a game.
February 27, 2021

writing two pages

Ethics Case Study

Review the case histories available from the Society of Professional Journalists available at

Choose one case that you feel is especially relevant in terms of issues that matter to you or that you feel require careful thought and attention by communicators. Prepare a 2-page analysis of the case and answer the following questions:

⊛ What is the case? Offer a brief summary of the case and key points.

⊛ Explain why this case caught your attention.

⊛ What ethical dilemmas were inherent in the case that pertain to mass communication?

⊛ Do you think that this is an important issue for modern communicators?

⊛ Does the power of the digital age affect how this case might unfold in a digital era?

General Ethical Principles:

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